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A super soldier, on the loose and out for blood

Experiment Gone Rogue is a sci-fi action VR game set in a dystopian future. The planet is under the rule of an alien race called the Cirinians. The people of Earth have come to accept these aliens living alongside them and some even turn to them for medical help. But not all people who go to them for medical treatment come back. Some are experimented on like lab rats.

The Cirinians are secretly working on creating a super soldier. One that can take on entire armies on its own. After many failed attempts they were getting tantalizingly close to their one man army. But something went wrong. Their most dangerous creation was accidentally let loose.


  • An assortment of weapons - Being created specifically for war, you are proficient with any gun you put your VR fingers on.
  • Physics based punching system - If guns aren’t your thing, you can send enemies flying with a single well placed punch.
  • Realistic climbing - Traversing levels through ladders, monkey bars and zip lines.
  • A variety of enemies - From simple foot soldiers to huge flying bosses, you get to kill them all.
  • Destructible environments - Take out your rage on everything you can see.
  • Go-go bar - A place to take a break from all the killing and destruction and have some fun with some randomly generated beautiful girls.

You can get the full version here.

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