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Iragon: Pre-Alpha Preview from Repulse on Vimeo.

The best way to tell you about this game is to tell you how we came up with the idea. Everyone at Repulse loves anime. Especially fantasy stuff like Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan & Berserk.

We have been making VR games for 3 years now. When we finished our last project ( which is also on itch.io ) the question came up. What if, we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a full interactive VR experience.

We didn't want to do just a story that you can watch. Or just the sex, or just a battle system. We want everything: A story, To participate in the battles, To fly through skies using a grappling hook, To explore an anime world, choices, and to do whatever we feel like with sexy anime girls.

All of this in full VR, and of course with the option to play without VR.

We are putting together some of the pieces. We have an early pre-alpha that you can test out. We update it every 2 weeks and also provide changelogs, and videos explaining the changes. Right now we are looking for early testers that can help us make this game better. If you are interested in becoming a tester, or following our progress on this. 

Check out our Kickstarter and make sure to click the “Notify me on launch” button so you get notified when we launch our campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/repulse/1652445991?ref=807824&token=bef96926


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The tagline is offensive! Well done Repulse =...( But

I think it should be "Slay Bitches & Lay Witches" .. I mean come on.

Wow this was cooler than I was expecting, really liked the grappling mechanic - though it could be more clear when you first get the ability that only certain surfaces can be grappled to

The text following your gaze felt a little strange, also because it was a little too wide for the FOV of my Oculus Rift CV1.

It was cool that there was a story developing between me and the other character, obv. voice acting and microphone quality / processing of the audio file to remove noise and try to equalize volume and reverb across actors/clips could be improved. I'm sure it's just placeholder though.

I liked that the caster enemy dodged, made things feel a little more interesting. I don't like the bullet hell style VR games where it literally becomes stressful trying to defeat waves of enemies so it would be cool to have slightly challenging combat but to avoid that stressful style of fighting.

Most excited to see the story and dialogue in this game more than anything.


The grammar really needs work

Is there a menu that is accessible? Ive hit pretty much every button but cant access anything to save, or quit the game without doing ALT F4

Is there an issue with the models? the model that shows up while playing is female, but the voice is male, and in cutscenes the character appears to be male

Include a way to reel in the grappling hook. It can sometimes put out too much line, leaving you hanging below the islands with no way to get back up except to fall, and start over

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Thanks for your feedback!  We are still in Pre-Alpha stage and trying to work out a few core things along with the issues you mentioned.  

The menu and save system won't be ready for a few more weeks.   Right now we are still trying to work out a menu with spells, weapons, items, and a gallery of unlocked scenes.

We hope to eventually give the player the option to be either male or female but the final player models are still not decided. 

We are trying to come up with a solution to reel the player up, right now the only way to do it is to let go and then grapple again which automatically pulls you up but is not very intuitive.

We post updated builds and update videos regularly,  hopefully the issues you pointed out will be resolved soon.