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haven't played for a year or so is movement still the "walking with joystick" still or have you added teleporting as movement alternative?

Just out of curiosity, did they every reach the optional female main character donation goal?

Will you make the game in apk version for Oculus Quest 2 ? My computer isn't powerful enough for supporting VR, but i would like a lot play this game :c

so wierd question but anyone wonder how good a hentai horror vr game would be like having a bunch of diffirent creatures from

Killers like the huntress

to my creation neon pure black predators

to just zombies and other such

i know im freaky but my hearts semi romantic and i always wonder how this would be as we have iragon for a fantsy game id think the devs could make a semi decent if not great horror hentai

basicly instead of dying the girls hold a form of weapon to your throat and tell you to keep still you could also add a option for female or male mode basicly what gender you like 

and have a sorta arena your job go find shit to fix some stuff and escape their job find you and "hurt you" aka naughty land

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The tracking doesn't work for me. The game ignores my playspace that I set up and changes the position of it. Either I'm suddenly 3 meters tall and/or 2 meters away from the cutscene.

Edit: I played again and can say, that i am always at the wrong position. Most of the scenes i am below and in others i am above.

The first campfire scene i am below and in the city with the 3 girls i am a meter above them.

I play with the HP Reverb G2.

How can I fix this?

just curious, but will the game complete at version 1? or will it go beyond? besides that, the game looks great!


Can you make a Mac version?

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How do you get past the dark forest part? There's a campsite there but I cannot use it. After the Sewers.

You have to kill the enemys on the right Tower. After that it did unlock for me

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I did


Please do something with the saving is really daunting to play chapter three times because you get a fatal error or get stuck. 

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the vr game was a good game just not a good hentai one but all you need to do is just make a few things better and it would be amazing

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id love to play this, what I've managed to play was cool but im having difficulty with keeping this game on my Oculus Rift X. when i enter the tavern at the beginning the screen in the oculus just shows a loading screen but my monitor shows everything. it even responds to the head and controller tracking, it just doesn't display that in the headset. am i doing something wrong?

It would be nice if you could change the name of your forgiveness.

Even better if it could be customized :)

can some one help locate my save files i want to be able to transfer them between pcs i did some searching in the comments but could not find any information

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I have a question is the steam demo identical to this this one or is there more perks on here? i played through the steam version already and cant wait for more content

played this version defiantly better than steam will be downloading from here until it is released

please do a save bottom so i can save whenever i want

VRExpPIuginExample-Win64-Shipping. Exe - system error. The system cannot start this program because api-ms-win-core-heap - | 2-1-0 is missing from the computer dll。 The system asked me to try to reinstall the program to solve this problem, but I did it three times.

Any one know how to solve this issue ?

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Can't play, when I start the VR version it tells me to pull the trigger to detect controller or something. Pulling the triggers does nothing. There is also a big button floating overhead that says "Calibrate". I have a Quest 2

Hello, just wanted to say I tried out the game and I'm loving it so far. It has a bunch of good traits that don't usually make it together into a single game without delivering a half-assed product. Great work!

I've been looking for anime games to talk about in my YouTube channel and this one just went to the top of my list.

I wanted to ask, what will be the game's price when it's complete? I don't usually buy hentai games but I love the quality of this one.  I'm sorry if you had already answered this question in the past.

I've got the steam version demo. Have an issue where it can't detect when I pull either trigger. Other games are working fine.

What headset are you using?

Valve Index. The trigger issue was in the demo but I was able to play the Prologue. Unfortunately, I wanted to mention that teleport doesn't seem to work (or I can't figure out how to do it) and the game is making me really nauseous. I'd recommend trying to emulate Until You Fall. For whatever reason, that game doesn't cause me any problems with sickness even though it has a similar movement scheme.

Thanks for the answer. 

Unfortunately we still can't get our hands on a Valve Index to test. We'll make sure that everything works as intended when we manage to get one. 

The teleport problem could also be related to the Index controllers. 

We'll check out Until You Fall and see if we can improve the regular locomotion too.

Wow, I didn't expect such a humble and informative response. A free product that has a similar anti-nausea technique to Until You Fall is Google Earth, which you can download from steam. I hope you're able to get an Index to develop on soon, and I'm looking forward to see what you do with Iragon. Good luck!

when the game is fully released/in early acces, how much will the game cost?

We can't really answer that yet. Sorry.

can u update the story

We do weekly updates to all sorts of content, but since the story takes place in different locations, it takes more time to get that out. Plus the time spent organizing voice recordings. 
So big story updates happen every few months and come with new levels and sometimes more.

This won't work for me, I just have a black screen when I try to launch the demo,

I can hear some drum playing at the start, then silence.

Did you ever figure it out? My game does the same thing.

It should be fixed. Get the latest update and wait a few seconds at the start. After hearing some sounds (that are part of the video that you're not seeing) the game should start as intended.

We found this issue a little while ago. It turned out to be a problem with missing or incompatible video codecs and our intro clip. For now we've solved it by having the video just not play for people with the codec problem and the screen staying black for a few seconds until the video would end. After that you should be sent to the main menu.

its just a question, but do you guys ever think of putting any % of controller compatibility ? Im asking because I play more on consoles and I am more confortable with a controller.

We currently have some controller support when playing in non VR. but since we're constantly adding new things it tends to fall behind a bit and only get up to date every once in a while. The final game will bit playable with a controller from start to finish.


This game looks amazing but I admit I'm curious if you'll ever offer a female MC option. I admit I'm just too gay to wanna play a guy in a lewd game.


We have had a few requests for a female MC. Making an option to pick at the start would be best, but that opens the door to a lot of story and dialogue issues and double work. So we'll see what we can do, but we can't promise anything.


It's a fun game, though as you've asked others for feedback:

I would suggest maybe trying to get more interactivity with the world. Being able to pick up and move objects in VR, for example. Having that hand interaction and vibration on feedback is one of the best things about VR to make it feel real, so those sorts of physics aren't things you should skip out on.

Perhaps it's been changed in an update, but having to hold down the grip key in order to hold onto the sword gets tiring. It would be more enjoyable to have the option to simply hold it automatically once it's taken out.

The magic system can be a bit difficult to get the correct spell and throw it, though that may just be my own lack of coordination.

It looks like a good game and I will be interested in seeing what the finished product looks like.


I actually like the idea of having to constantly hold the sword. . .so I think that is one of those "make it an option for the player" things.

That's what we went for. We've added that option. Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the feedback. We have added some items around the map that you can pick up and throw. Some even break apart when you smash them hard enough. They're mostly in indoor levels, since those have the most props.

There is an option to switch the grip to a toggle for those who prefer that. Look in the settings.

The spells can be a bit difficult to grab. We've since made it so that they stay in place until you rotate enough and then they turn with you. Hopefully that helped.

Will this game ever come to the oculus quest


It is available with AirLink and Virtual Desktop, but we’re not sure if we’ll be able to make an APK soon.

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Hey guys, really loving the game. Just have a quick question. Is it normal for the game to be using 65-75% pc usage? The game does this for me immediately when starting it and this is not even in VR. My spec are Intel I5, Rtx 2060 and 16 gig of ram. I haven't had any other games ramp the pc usage so high on start and throughout the gameplay. Update: I'm running this on a gaming laptop and I suspect that Iragon itself may not be running on my Rtx 2060 GPU, but instead running on the integrated graphics. I've tested this by adding Iragon.exe to run specifically on the Nivdia Rtx 2060 Graphics card and I set the Max FPS to 20. I wanted to see if there was any change, but even with setting the Max FPS to 20, the game is still pushing 90+ FPS in the game. The only thing I see running on the Nivdia GPU while the game is running is.  "vrexppluginexample-win64-shipping.exe" (without qoutations). Can you guys confirm that is the game? Not sure if this is the problem, but it seems like why my CPU usage is so high.


Yes, that is the game running on your GPU.

Is 65-75% just CPU usage or everything? If so, for an i5, it sounds about right at the current time. Unreal Engine usually has high requirements. We’re going to be optimizing more in the future.

Thank you for the quick response. After restarting my computer it seems the  game isn't running at such a high cpu usage now. Its settled around 52-65% with an occasional spike which is to be suspected. Ran it in VR mode with no abnormalities either, thank you guys. Really looking forward to buying and playing this game upon release!

I have HTC Vive Cosmos, stuck at intro "please push button on controller" I can see and move a red and blue vial. I can jump, can't do anything else.

Thank you for reporting the bug. We’ll take a look and try to fix it for the next update.

Missing from ZIP download file X3DAUDIO1_7.dll,  XAPOFX1_5.dll,  XINPUT1_3.dll            game won't start took a week of failed downloads to finaly  get one to compleate and it's no good krap krap poop!!!!!!!@@@$$555Q*_)u*(^*&^u^%^t***(*)#$

You need to download and install DirectX Runtimes to fix those issues.

This game feels great. I will definitely buy it if it is listed on Steam.

Thank you! Any suggestions on how we can improve?

Love it!

Thank you! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or any other feedback, we’d be happy to hear!


im thinking of downloading this just wanna ask

can you like lift their skirts up and such? pull down their underwear and stuff like that?

You can’t right now. But we have the option of lifting skirts. We will be bringing it back, as well as adding more skirt outfits.

I've played a bit of this demo and it's amazing! I really like that type of graphics. It's overall very professional! I'm looking forward to the finished game! I'm buying this once it's done for sure.

Thank you! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or any other feedback, we’d be happy to hear!


Will it be free or paid when it'll release on steam


The Full game is going to be paid on Steam.

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Does H scenes available in steam version? And in the camp, there is a circle in front of brenda and when I interacted with just the leave button appeared. Is it just like that or did I do something wrong? :D

All the cutscenes in VR, like when Im supposed to be talking to someone, put me a couple feet behind them. I can't choose what I want to say or anything.

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What VR headset are you using?

The Oculus Quest 2

How do I reach the pink haired women scene

After playing through what's in the game, my opinion so far(some spoilers);

Performance: I wrote it in an earlier comment, but the game had a weird bug which had a buildup in sounds and slowed down performance in general, and the game taking up a lot of energy for my PC. Someone commented and said it's like the spell sound effect just stayed, which might very well be the issue. But if that's fixed, I don't really have anything else to comment on.

Art: Looks good for the most part. I get some things are placeholders, and that's fine. Only model I don't really like is the wolves, but I did get a few laughs with how funny they looked while ragdolled. But yeah, they mostly feel like stuffed animals. Other than that, I just think it needs some polish and then be presentable(mind you, not sure how much of these are pre-bought or PH assets.)

Combat: The general feel of attacks and the magic is alright, but combat in general need a fair bit of tweaks. With the current balance, the combat felt mainly like I needed to slash my blade faster than the foe attacked me. And once I upgraded my spell, they became so strong that they could kill one or more foes with a well-placed spell. While I like getting a big reward for executing an ability in the right way, the game could use foes which isn't as fast to kill. But so far, I think the combat can be shaping up to be great.

Map: The maps right now feel a bit bland and soul less. I understand that this game is more of a linear story than a open world so not every house needs to be one you can enter, but it's still a bit weird to not have any real impact upon the player as the first town is burned down. Speaking of...

Story: I understand that this is not finished and hopefully will be polished later down the line. I am just saying, if this ends up as-is in the final product, I would not pay anything. It's simple to plain, and some things either doesn't add up or is just there to have progression. I don't really get to know my character, like I don't get to know how he knew the two twins(?) from the start of the game nor what they mean to him, nor more about the town... which honestly, feels like he didn't know much of either, seeing how as soon the town is burned down, all that pops into his head(based on the quest) is to go to the city and become a squire.
This problem is throughout this all, but I hope you will expand on this in the future. At the moment, you got a plain, undercooked slab of beef. The game doesn't need to become a five star resturant's steak by the story alone, but you can make a simple that still keeps people's interest for the world.

Sex and allure: I am mixed on the clothes falling off. It's visually pleasing, but I would like to know if there's something mechanically to it. Going on you not having something right now, "nude" character taking more damage should be easy to put in. Another thing could be a lust meter, which depending on traits and/or foes could have different effect.
For the look of the sex.. the scenes and animations themselves are alright, but the minigame took me out of it. You might want to take inspiration from flash games were the sex minigames are basically the entire game.

But to put it shortly; this game got a lot of potential so far. Some problems, most of it since it clearly isn't done yet and that it's lacking stuff and less that what's in it is bad. I could see it ending up like a linear Fable with better sex and a more alluring artstyle.

Fingers crossed this grows into an excellent game.

We added a small fix for the audio problem, but it might not be fully fixed. Comment again if you are having issues with audio.

Thank you for the feedback on the game. We’re aiming to improve with every update. Every bit of feedback helps!

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